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A taste of our inventory...

Fresh Foods

Item Size Type
Alfalfa Sprouts 12/cup Produce
Anaheim Pep 5lb Produce
Anise 24ct Produce
Apples, Gold 80/100ct Produce
Apples, Green 80/100ct Produce
Apples, Mac. 20/140ct Produce
Apples, Red 80/100ct Produce
Apples, Rome 48/56ct Produce
Artichokes 24/36ct Produce
Arugala 24ct Produce
Asparagus 11lb Produce
Avocado 40/48ct Produce
Bananas 40lb Produce
Basil 12bu Produce
Beans, Green 28lb Produce
Beans, Sprouts 5/10lb Produce
Beets, Loose 25lb Produce
Blackberries 12pt Produce
Blueberries 12pt Produce
Broccoli 14ct Produce
Broccoli, Rabe 20lb Produce
Cabbage, Chin 50lb Produce
Cabbage, New 50lb Produce
Cabbage, Old 50lb Produce
Cabbage, Red 50lb Produce
Cabbage, Savoy 50lb Produce
Cantelope 12/15ct Produce
Carrots, Cello 24ct Produce
Carrots, Loose 50lb Produce
Cauliflower 9/12ct Produce
Celery 24/30ct Produce
Celery, Chop 5lb Produce
Celery, Heart 12ct Produce
Cherries 18lb Produce
Chicory 24ct Produce
Chives 12bu Produce
Cilantro 24ct Produce
Clementines 28/36ct Produce
Cole Slaw 10/30lb Other
Collards 25lb Produce
Corn 48ct Produce
CR-Melons 4/5ct Produce
Cucumbers 40lb Produce
Cucumbers, H.H. 12ct Produce
Diacon 12ct Produce
Dill 24ct Produce
Eggplants 18/24ct Produce
Eggplants, I.T. 20lb Produce
Eggs, Extra Large 30dz Other
Endive 10lb Produce
Escarole 24ct Produce
Feta Cheese 28lb Other
Fruit Salad 4gal Other
Garlic, Loose 30lb Produce
Garlic, Pld, Bag 4/5lb Produce
Garlic, Pld, Jar 4/5lb Produce
Ginger 30lb Produce
Grapefruit 23 pink Produce
Grapefruit 40 pink Produce
Grapes, Black 18lb Produce
Grapes, Red 18lb Produce
Grapes, White 18lb Produce
Honeydew 4/5/6ct Produce
Kale, Green 24ct Produce
Kale, Purple 24ct Produce
Kiwi 36/39ct Produce
Leeks 12ct Produce
Lemons 115/95 28lb Produce
Lemons 165/140 28lb Produce
Lemons 200 28lb Produce
Lettuce, Boston 24ct Produce
Lettuce, Green Leaf 24ct Produce
Lettuce, Iceburg 24ct Produce
Lettuce, Red Leaf 24ct Produce
Lettuce, Romaine 24ct Produce
Limes 54/63ct Produce
Macaroni Salad 10/30lb Other
Mangoes 9/12ct Produce
Mayonnaise 4gal Other
Mesculin, Mix 3lb Produce
Mint 24ct Produce
Mushroom, Cello 8/10ct Produce
Mushroom, Large 10lb Produce
Mushroom, Medium 10lb Produce
Mushroom, Port. 5lb Produce
Mushroom, Shitake 3lb Produce
Mushroom, Special 3lb Produce
Nappa/Bokchoy 12ct Produce
Nectarines 28lb Produce
Nectarines, Tray 42/56ct Produce
Oil, Soy/Corn 35lb Other
Okra 10lb Produce
Olives 5gal Other
Onions, Cello 12/3lb Produce
Onions, Red 25lb Produce
Onions, Spanish 50lb Produce
Onions, White 50lb Produce
Oranges, Cal. 56 28lb Produce
Oranges, Cal. 72 28lb Produce
Oranges, Cal. 88 28lb Produce
Oranges, Fla. 100 28lb Produce
Oregano 12ct Produce
Papaya 9/12ct Produce
Parsley, Curly 60lb Produce
Parsley, Plain 60lb Produce
Peaches, Loose 28lb Produce
Peaches, Tray 42/56ct Produce
Pears, Anjou 100/120ct Produce
Pears, Bartlett 100/120ct Produce
Pears, Cactus 30/36ct Produce
Peppers, Green 28lb Produce
Peppers, Jalapeno 10lb Produce
Peppers, Mix 28lb Produce
Peppers, Red 15/28lb Produce
Persimmons 24/36ct Produce
Pickles 4gal Other
Pineapples, 10/14 10/14ct Produce
Pineapples, Jet 6ct Produce
Plantain, Green 40lb Produce
Plantain, Rp 40lb Produce
PLD Shallot 4/5lb Produce
Plums, Black/Red 36/48ct Produce
Poblano Pep 5lb Produce
Pomegranates 48ct Produce
Potato Salad 10/30lb Other
Potatoes, 5lb. 10/5lb Produce
Potatoes, Cal. 50lb Produce
Potatoes, Chef 50lb Produce
Potatoes, Idaho 50lb Produce
Potatoes, Red A 50lb Produce
Potatoes, Red B 50lb Produce
Potatoes, Sweet #1 40lb Produce
Radicchio 9/12ct Produce
Radish, Cello 30ct Produce
Raspberries 12pt Produce
Rosemary 12ct Produce
Rutabagas 40lb Produce
Sage 12ct Produce
Scallions 24ct Produce
Shallots 5/10lb Produce
Shortening 35lb Other
Snow Pea/Snap 10lb Produce
Spinach, Cello 8/10oz Produce
Spinach, Loose 30lb Produce
Spinach, Loose 30lb Produce
Squash, Acorn 25lb Produce
Squash, Butter 25lb Produce
Squash, Green 12lb Produce
Squash, Spaghetti 25lb Produce
Squash, Yellow 12lb Produce
Stem Tomato 11lb Produce
Strawberries 12pt Produce
Strawberries, Driscoll 12pt Produce
Swisschard 12ct Produce
Tangerines 100/120ct Produce
Tarragon 12ct Produce
Thyme 12ct Produce
Tomatillo 10lb Produce
Tomatoes, 4x5 15lb Produce
Tomatoes, 5x6 25lb Produce
Tomatoes, 6x6 25lb Produce
Tomatoes, Ch. 12pt Produce
Tomatoes, Plum 25lb Produce
Turnips, White 25lb Produce
Watercress 24ct Produce
Watermelon 3ct Produce
Watermelon, Seedless 5ct Produce
Yams, Jumbo 40lb Produce
Yellow Pep 11lb Produce

Frozen Foods

Item Size Type
944 Chicken, Filet 10lb Frozen
Artichoke Hearts, Quarters 12/2 24lb Frozen
Asparagus, Cuts & Tips 12/2.5lb Frozen
Asparagus, Med 6/2.5 15lb Frozen
Baby Carrots 12/2 24lb Frozen
Batter Dip Mozzarella, Moores 4/3 12lb Frozen
Beans, French Cut 12/2.5 30lb Frozen
Beans, Lima 12/2.5 30lb Frozen
Beans, Whole 12/2 24lb Frozen
Beef Gyro, Strips 10lb Frozen
Blintz, Blueberries 19/5lb Frozen
Blintz, Cheese 19/5lb Frozen
Blintz, Cherry 19/5oz Frozen
Blueberries, IQF 20lb Frozen
Brandywine Chicken, 76156 Tender 10lb Frozen
Bread Ravioli, Moores 6/3 18lb Frozen
Breaded Flounder, 4 oz 2/5lb Frozen
Breaded Mushrooms, Moores 8/2.5 20lb Frozen
Breaded Shrimp, 16/20 4/2.5lb Frozen
Broccoli Cuts 12/2.5 30lb Frozen
Broccoli Florets 12/2lb Frozen
Broccoli Normandy 12/2.5 30lb Frozen
Broccoli Spears 12/2 24lb Frozen
Brussel Sprouts 12/2 24lb Frozen
Cauliflower 12/2 24lb Frozen
Chicken Gyro, Strips 10lb Frozen
Chicken Tenders, Georges 10lb Frozen
Collard Greens 12/3 36lb Frozen
Corn cCb, natural 48ct Frozen
Corn Cob, 5-1/2in 48ct Frozen
Crabmeat, Imitation 12/2.5 30lb Frozen
Cut Beans, Regular Cut 12/2.5lb Frozen
Cut corn 12/2.5 30lb Frozen
Diced Carrots n/a Frozen
Diced Celery 20lb Frozen
Dyno Bites by Moores 6/2.5 15lb Frozen
Egg Beaters, Carton 12/2 24lb Frozen
Egg Whites, Carton 12/2 24lb Frozen
Eggplant, Cutlet, Round 10lb Frozen
English Muffins, Thomas 12ct Frozen
Fish Fillets, Breaded - Frozen
Fish Sticks, Breaded - Frozen
Fries, Bonanza 3/8 (Regular Cut) 6/5 30lb Fries
Fries, Bonanza, STK (Steak Cut) 6/5 30lb Fries
Fries, Chef Reddie 3/8 (Regular Cut) 6/5 30lb Fries
Fries, Chef Reddie KK (Crinkle Cut) 6/5 30lb Fries
Fries, Chef Reddie, STK (Steak Cut) 6/5 30lb Fries
Fries, Coated 3/8 (Regular Cut) 6/5 36lb Fries
Fries, Criss-Cut-Spicy 6/5 30lb Fries
Fries, Endico, 3/8 (Regular Cut) 6/5 30lb Fries
Fries, Endico, STK (Steak Cut) 6/5 30lb Fries
Fries, Lambwest, Coated 5/16 (Shoestring) 6/5 30lb Fries
Fries, Lambwest, STK (Steak Cut) 6/5 30lb Fries
Fries, McDonald, Shoestring 6/6 36lb Fries
Fries, Natural Cut, Skin-on Thick 6/5 30lb Fries
Fries, Season Twister, Spicy 6/5 30lb Fries
Fries, Snow Spud 3/8 (Regular Cut) 6/5 30lb Fries
Fries, Snow Spud STK (Steak Cut) 6/5 30lb Fries
Fries, Snowfresh 3/8 (Regular Cut) 6/5 30lb Fries
Fries, Snowfresh 5/16 (Shoestring) 6/5 30lb Fries
Fries, Snowfresh KK (Cringle Cut) 6/5 30lb Fries
Fries, Snowfresh STK (Steak Cut) 6/5 30lb Fries
Fries, Special 3/8 (Regular Cut) 6/5 30lb Fries
Fries, Special STK (Steak Cut) 6/5 30lb Fries
Gourmet O-Ring Moores 8/2 16lb Frozen
Homestyle O-Ring by Moores 8/2.5 20lb Frozen
Hot Bites, Moores 4/3 12lb Frozen
Manicotti 10lb Frozen
Mixed Vegetables 12/2.5 30lb Frozen
Mixed Vegetables, Italian 12/2 24lb Frozen
Mixed Vegetables, Oriental 12/2.5 30lb Frozen
Mozzarella Sticks, Moores 4/3 12lb Frozen
Munchkins, Wedges 6/5lb Frozen
Okra, Whole 12/2 24lb Frozen
Onion Rings, Batter-dip 8/2 16lb Frozen
Onion Rings, Ring Ding 8/2 16lb Frozen
Onions, Diced 10lb Frozen
Orange Juice, Can 12/32oz Frozen
Orange Juices, Minute Maid, Carton 12/32oz Frozen
Peas 12/2.5 30lb Frozen
Peas & Carrots 12/2.5 30lb Frozen
Peas & onions 12/2.5 30lb Frozen
Pepper, Green, Diced 10lb Frozen
Pita Bread 7รถ 12/10ct Frozen
Popcorn Chicken by Tyson 2/5lb Frozen
Ravioli, Round, Large, Cheese 10lb Frozen
Ravioli, Round, Large, Lobster 54ct Frozen
Ravioli, Round, Large, Spinach 54ct Frozen
Ravioli, Small, Cheese 10lb Frozen
Ravioli, Small, Meat 10lb Frozen
Shrimp, Breaded - Frozen
Shrimp-basket 12/8 oz 6lb Frozen
Spinach leaf 12/3 36lb Frozen
Spinach, Chopped 12/3 36lb Frozen
Steak, Cut O-Ring, Moores 8/2 16lb Frozen
Strawberries, sliced 6/6.6 39lb Frozen
Stuffed Shells, Large 96ct Frozen
Sun Sticks, Moores 6/2.5 15lb Frozen
Tortellini, Cheese 10lb Frozen
Tortellini, Spinach 10lb Frozen
Tyson Chicken 0435, Grilled Breast 10lb Frozen
Tyson Chicken 2378, Nugget Original 245/64oz Frozen
Tyson Chicken 4002, Breast 34/4.7oz Frozen
Tyson Chicken 4411, 4 piece honey dip 12/14oz Frozen
Tyson Chicken 4487 4 Piece 16oz Frozen
Tyson Chicken 5210, Wings of Fire 10lb Frozen
Tyson Chicken 8335, Hot Strips 10lb Frozen
Tyson Chix 4522, Wings Drum Bread 3/5lb Frozen
Tzatziki Sauce 4/3.75 Frozen
Wraps, 12 inch, Herb n/a Frozen
Wraps, 12 inch, Plain n/a Frozen
Zucchini Sticks, Moores 6/2.5 15lb Frozen